Do you know how important sanitation is for your student?

Good Schools need Good Students and Good Students need Good Sanitation. Sanitation is at the core of human dignity and human progress. Access to sanitary toilets not only ensures dignity of the individual but also positively impacts health, well-being and productivity, reduces drop-out rates and encourages regular attendance in schools. Recognizing both the key significance of sanitation and the role of students as Agents of Change, the Central Board of Secondary Education in collaboration with Ministry of Human Resource Development, Ministry of Urban Development and GIZ had launched the National School Sanitation Initiative in 2009... read more

Low Sanitation Ratings!! Don't get disheartened!

Dear Principal,
If your school has got a low sanitation rating, don't Panic!
You can get your ratings improved by taking appropriate measures. You can log in again after a gap of two months and get a fresh improved Sanitation Rating Certificate!

Download the the booklet “Simple Steps to Improve Your School′s Sanitation Ratings” - It is a guidebook for improving sanitation ratings of a school by taking simple measures.

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